Monday, 23 February 2015

Movies that aren't on Blu-ray, but should be

Many movies and TV shows have graced the Blu-ray disc format since it was first introduced to the public. However, not everything has, same with most formats in reality, but that doesn't mean that there isn't some movies that are wanted on Blu-ray. Here are a selection of a few that aren't as of writing available on Blu-ray.

Bad Boys 2

Like a broken clock twice a day, Michael Bay can make a decent movie.Bad Boys 2 is a film about Will Smith and Martin Lawrence having some played-up bromance, explosions (of course, it's a Michael Bay movie) and not taking things too seriously. That's why it's a good movie, well maybe 'good' isn't the right word, 'fun' perhaps? Anyway, the reason for it's lack of Blu-ray version is unclear, especially when you consider that the first Bad Boys film is available. Come on Sony Pictures. Please.

The Iron Giant

Ah yes, The Iron Giant, the 1999 animated movie that was based on the book The Iron Man, not to be confused with Marvel's Iron Man. The Iron Giant is a massive robot, and in the 1950s, when the story is set, it's a big deal. I could go on all day as to why The Iron Giant is a great movie, and worthy of a Blu-ray release, but I won't. Instead, look at that poster which is the DVD cover art, it's sublime. Brad Bird directed The Iron Giant, and he went on to direct The Incredibles, the one Pixar film that needs a sequel. Those are two things that should happen. Will they? Only Warner and Disney know. 

UPDATE: This happened. 

Star Wars: The Original Trilogy

Looking at this, you're probably thinking "the original Star Wars trilogy is already on Blu-ray", and you'd be correct, mostly. The versions available on Blu-ray are the Special Editions, the ones where certain things were changed with CGI for some reason, or changed for no reason like Greedo shooting first when originally it was Han. Anyway, the original theatrical versions of the original Stars Wars Trilogy would be an excellent addition to the library because they are the versions of the movies that many of us saw first, especially if you were around when the films first released.

However, it is extremely unlikely, not just because of the already released Blu-ray version, but because of Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm. This is because Fox still retain the distribution rights to the original movie and I imagine they would want a big percentage of the royalties for any re-release, even though Disney and Fox know that fans would pay a premium for the original theatrical versions on Blu-ray. Oh well, at least we can look at the great posters I put up above which came from the talented Olly Moss, who also did the cover art for Resistance 3, which is also great. 

UPDATE: Fox is being bought by Disney so the barriers to this happening are now gone. It's purely up to Disney and if it feels it's worth the time and money to remaster the original films. 

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie

I should explain this one. I'm in no way saying that Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie is a good movie, because in reality it isn't (I did think it was as a kid but I recently watched it again and it wasn't enjoyable to be honest, mainly because it's plainly obvious the writers and producers didn't know why the show was popular). The reason that I want it on Blu-ray is because I feel like I want such as big part of my childhood preserved on a newer media format. Ideally, the series would be remastered but that's incredibly unlikely given how many episodes there are, 60 episodes makes up Season 1 of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Of course it would look dated now but as any early 90s movie with CGI that's just how technology works. The biggest issue stopping a Blu-ray release is like Star Wars above where Fox still has distribution rights and with Saban now working with Lionsgate on the new Power Rangers movie for 2016, it's unlikely that any deal will happen.

I know four is a strange number but it's an even one and so that is all I can think of for Blu-rays that don't exist but they should. One day, maybe... probably not.